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Slaton Area Endowment Grant Story: Communities in Schools on the South Plains

Communities in Schools on the South Plains (CIS-SP) used the grant from the Slaton Area Endowment to further its Emergency Fund. This emergency fund helps CIS-SP-registered low-income students and families with items including rent, bus passes, and medical care. The nonprofit assisted 420 students with the emergency funds.

By taking stressful costs off the mind of families, CIS-SP allows students to focus on schoolwork and contribute to the students' success in and out of the classroom. The organization wrote in its report, “The CIS care model has a 99 percent success rate with keeping students in school; therefore, the longer a student is involved in the program and the more engaged their family is, the greater the chance the student will stay in school and go on to break the cycle of poverty.”

More information about Communities in Schools on the South Plains:

Communities In Schools on the South Plains was chartered by the CIS national office in 2000. Today, CIS-South Plains partners with 19 school districts, serving nearly 40,000 students on 69 elementary, middle, and high school campuses in the City of Lubbock, the greater Lubbock area, and throughout the South Plains. Through the CIS traditional model, over 4,000 students on 50 campuses currently receive direct and individualized case management support.

If you would like to donate to the Slaton Area Endowment and assist local organizations such as Communities in Schools on the South Plains, visit the following link:


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